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    Commissioner of Yukon unveils Order of Yukon

    Commissioner of Yukon Angélique Bernard’s personal Coat of Arms

    Commissioner of Yukon Angelique Bernard unveiled the Order of Yukon and personal Coat of Arms at Taylor House. A new exhibit on the second floor of Taylor House provides a glimpse of the life and times of previous Commissioner James Smith.

    Commissioner of Yukon Angelique Bernard unveiled the design of the Order of Yukon yesterday afternoon at the Taylor House on Main St, which was followed by the unveiling of her personal Coat of Arms.

    As with other Canadian provinces and territories the Order of Yukon is awarded to deserving individuals for their outstanding contributions toward making Yukon a better place to live.

    “The Order of Yukon is the highest honour in the Territory, similar to Orders and Honours in other provinces and territories. It recognizes Yukoners who have demonstrated high achievement and excellence and made an outstanding contribution to society in any area.” Commissioner of Yukon Angélique Bernard

    The design incorporates the Yukon Crest over a fireweed on a ribbon in the colours of the flag of Yukon. Yukon is the last Canadian jurisdiction to establish the award and Commissioner Bernard says it's important to officially recognize people who have contributed to the development of the Territory.

    “Officially recognizing people that have contributed to the development of the Territory. And as I mentioned the Yukon was the last territory without a Provincial Order. Just recognizing people because we have so many wonderful volunteers in the community that don’t necessarily do it to get the recognition, but the Order of Yukon will be the vessel to officially and publicly thank them for the work that they have done in building this Territory.” Commissioner of Yukon Angélique Bernard

    The first Order of Yukon ceremony will take place at the 2020 Commissioners New Years Levey. At the ceremony the first deserving Yukoners will be appointed as members of the Order.

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