Canada's Premiers Meeting Concludes in Saskatoon

    The Canada's Premiers meeting recently took place in Saskatoon (photo courtesy of Canada's Premiers)

    Yukon Premier Sandy Silver says discussions at the Canada's Premiers meeting that took place in Saskatoon were successful. Here are some of the details.

    The Canada's Premiers meeting held during the Council of the Federation event in Saskatoon from July 9 thru to the 11th has officially wrapped up.

    Yukon Premier Sandy Silver also was there and was involved in the discussions, and he says strengthening Canada's position in the Arctic, building more resilient northern infrastructure and creating more responsible energy development were just some of the northern discussions.

    During the talks, Silver says he and other territorial premiers emphasized the importance of conducting sustainable economic growth in the north.

    "The international community is looking at the Arctic in an economic pursuit. It's our jobs as northern leaders to say look, you can't have a conversation about the economy in the north without talking about the environment in the north. Whether it's Joe Savikatuuq as Nunavut premier or Bob Mcleod as premier of the Northwest Territories or myself, it's our obligation as leaders to explain about the changing climate in our regions. That's where my comments about forest fires in the Klondike came in."

    Silver says he and other premiers  paid a trip to a local First Nation during the visit to see how Indigenous issues are being advanced there.

    "We had a fantastic trip to the Big River First Nation where we met with Chief Bruce Morin, his council and his medical team.  We talked about different initiatives in health in his community, including the "Know Your Status" initiative, which was a huge success. It focuses around HIV and aids reduction and treatments in his community." 

    In the meeting, Premier Silver also led talks around how jurisdictions are preparing for the legalization of cannabis edibles, with all Premiers agreeing that the Canadian government needs to do more to combat illicit online cannabis sales and drug impaired driving.

    All premiers also agreed to hold a national symposium on mental health health and addictions in the near future, which Silver says would be led by him. He says minister are nailing out the details of the event and where it might be.

    "We're now tasked to go back and talk to our ministers to see who is going to represent each region in these conversations. The next conversations would investigate where it's going to be.  The only conversation we had of where it's going to be included some comments about Ottawa.  It's an obvious place to have the meeting if you want the attention from the federal government.  We haven't gotten any further down that road. Personally, I would love to have it in the Yukon."

    The Council of the Federation includes all of the premiers from Canada's provinces and territories.

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