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    Canada Cleaning Up Drinking Water

    Indigenous Services Canada released this update on Drinking Water Advisories.

    Canada, on it's trek to remove all long-term drinking water advisories by 2021 released this update.

    The list of short and long-term drinking water advisories continues to diminish in Canada.

    Minister of Indigenous Services, Jane Philpott offered the latest report, showing 3 long term advisories lifted, and 3 short-term advisories have been lifted.

    One drinking advisory in BC, on the Lohbiee Indian Reserve No. 3, has been in place for 17 years, is now lifted because of a new water treatment system.

    Since November 2015, 78 long-term drinking water advisories have now been lifted on public systems on reserve.

    The federal government remains steadfast and on track in its commitment to end the remaining 62 drinking water advisories on public systems on reserve by March 2021 and prevent further short-term advisories from becoming long-term.

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