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    Camper at Local Campground Fined

    A local camper has been fined for improper food storage at the Kusawa Lake Campground.

    When a fellow camper on a motorbike left his campsite at Kusawa Campground to use the washroom facilities and to check up on his boat, he didn't imagine seeing a hefty fine left at his campsite and his cooler gone when he returned.  

    Adding to the complexity, Tom, the fellow traveller, had his medication inside the cooler when it was taken.

    According to Yukon Outdoor Recreation and Wildlife, wildlife attractants should be put inside a vehicle, trailer or other locked-storage device at night and when you're not present at your campsite during the day. Beverages, food and even pet food counts as attractants.  

    Pamela Brown, Parks Officer Program supervisor,  notes what travellers can do if they don't have a proper storage device with them while camping.

    She states, "a couple options are to get friendly with your neighbor and ask if you can store some items with them if they have a hard-sided unit... if they don't have any other options they can store it in the back of the bear-proof garbage bins". These bins can be found at Yukon campgrounds. 

    Pamela Brown also mentioned that ensuring the safety for the public and wildlife is paramount to avoid any potential wildlife conflict between animals and humans.


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