Arctic Inspiration Prize Awards Ceremony Kicks Off Tomorrow

    The event is occurring at the Yukon Arts Centre tomorrow (Photo courtesy of Info Yukon)

    The event will be taking place at the Yukon Arts Centre and $2.6 million dollars will be given away in prize money to support Northern initiatives.

    The Arctic Inspiration Prize 7th annual Awards Ceremony is quickly approaching tomorrow at 6:30pm at the Yukon Arts Centre.

    2.6 million dollars will be awarded to projects aiming  to better  the lives of Northerners in all three territories, and three categories will make up the award ceremony.

    Arctic Inspiration Prize Executive Director  Marti Ford says there has been quite the process leading up to the awards ceremony tomorrow.

    "The deadline this year was October 15th for proposals to be in. After that, we go into the selection process and we have a selection committee in Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Each of those selection committee chooses finalists in each of their regions and then we have a national selection committee that took place December 17th. They make the decision as to who the final winners will be."

    The National Selection Committee to make the final choices are also based from three three territorial regions, including youth, industry and and business stakeholders.

    Ford says the prizes given out all help local northern initiatives.

    "It's available to anyone in the Arctic to apply for a prize. We look for partnership so that organizations come together to find something that will improve the lives of people who live in the North. Last year for example, our million dollar winner  was in Yellowknife to end homelessness and support people (there) who were living on the streets."

    Local artists such a Northwest Territory artist Leela Gilday, Yukon artist Diyet and artist Elisapie from Northern Quebec will also be collaborating together and performing at the event tomorrow. 

    Anyone still interested in tickets to see the ceremony can go to the Arctic Indigenous Investment Conference website to purchase tickets.


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