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    9th Annual Indigenous Summer Pay Readings Taking Place Next Week in Whitehorse

    Photo courtesy of Gwaandak Theatre

    The 9th Annual Indigenous Summer Play Readings are set to take place on June 11 and June 13th at the Old Fire Fall.

    The 9th Annual Indigenous Summer Pay Readings are set to take place on June 11 and June 13th at the Old Fire Fall.

    The Indigenous performers will be becoming across the country to take part in the playwrites, with all Yukoners invited to attend the performances.

    Artistic Producer Siku Allooloo say there will be two productions in this summers playreadings.

    "We have two plays by Indigenous women playwrites. The first play (on June 11th) is called "There is Violence, and There is Righteous Violence, and There is Death, or, The Born Again Crow" which is created by by Metis artist Caleigh Crow. She is from Calgary, Alberta. The second play (on June 13th)  is called  "Neechie-itas" and it is created by Anishinaabe playwright Joanne MacDonald."

    Allooloo says since the event isn't a full production, it allows all playwriters and the public to get involved in the show.

    "Indigenous Summer Play Readings is a way to show (performances) without having to do a full production. They're more accessible to audiences and to theatre companies to be able to put on. It's also accessible for local performers. The great thing is we get experienced performers and those who've never been involved in theatre before. 

    Alooloo says the playwrights performed also have similar characteristics to historical and contemporary Indigenous values as well.

    "Historically and today, our cultures have always been very oral. Storytelling has always been a fundamental part in socializing, educating and just sharing experiences of our visions of the world.A playreading format  shares a lot of those similar elements."

    Tickets will be available at the door and for more information on the performances, you can visit the Gwanduuk Theatre website or Facebook page.

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